Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Memorial Quilt for Bryant

Bryant, a friend of my brother and sister-in-law,  passed away suddenly a few days before Christmas 2013.  Bryant was in his mid 40s and his death, of course, was devastating to family and friends. While most folks were doing last minute Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, Bryant's family members were shopping for funeral attire.  My SIL, who is best friends with Bryant's mother, wanted to present her with a quilt in memory of her son.

I'd not had the pleasure of knowing Bryant, but was honored to get to know him while my SIL and I worked together planning the quilt. Our final decision was a t-shirt quilt that was to include pictures of Bryant and his two lovely daughters along with various t-shirts that Bryant favored. 

It happened that my mother came for a two week visit in March and the plans were for her to bring the finished quilt back with her to give to my SIL. While Mother was here we had loads of fun attending the Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop, planning my indoor hydroponic garden plus we were able to work on and finish Bryant's Quilt. We both had a marvelous time working side by side as the quilt came together. Most importantly we had quality mother-daughter time that will always be remembered and cherished by me,  just as Bryant's family will always remember and cherish him. 

Quilting is suitable for all life events and even though Bryant's Quilt was made because of a sad life event, its making created happy moments of laughter and fellowship that my Mother and I shared together...moments that I will always remember. And even though I did not know  Bryant, I thank him for the happy life event that was shared with my mother by making this quilt. Even in death one can still bring joy to those left behind. 

Bryant's Quilt

As of this photo the borders still need to be added. We used batiks for the sashing and the quilt borders.

He enjoyed outdoor sports so I embroidered designs on a couple of the shirts.

It's difficult to see in this photo, but two of the t-shirts had pockets in which I embroidered a heart and a fancy design on the fabric.  Since the pocket of a t-shirt covers the human heart, love ones can put their hand in the pocket for a few minutes and dwell between the hearts. 

I thread binded the quilt with my Serger using a wave stitch. I love this stitch and finding I'm doing it more often instead of tradition binding.

And then....
...Mother and I wrapped up in the finished quilt.  My motto is a newly finished quilt should immediately be wrapped around someone!

Have you made a memory quilt or a t-shirt quilt? 
It was an honor to make this one.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you have a blessed day.

Happy Living! Happy Quilting!


  1. Beautiful quilt and beautiful post! I'm sure the family loves the quilt and gets comfort in having it around them. I love wrapping myself in Dad's prayer quilt. I also wrap myself in quilts that I complete before giving it away. By the time it's complete I've gotten a 'connection' with it (for lack of a better way to say it)and I like wrapping it around me before giving it away.

  2. Your sweet heart shines through your words. Love your gorgeous quilt, and love your motto...wrap 'em up in those quilts of love!

  3. What a lovely quilt and for a lovely cause. The love comes through! I really like how the pockets are still open and loved ones can use the pockets to literary embrace memories.

  4. What a beautiful quilt and a lovely memory for his mother. I am sure she will cherish it forever.

  5. I love doing these quilts for people. I can't get my dear friend to give me her late husbands shirts though. She just can't bring herself to let go, even after 5 years. So sad.

  6. Helpful post as I'm making my first t-shirt quilt this summer for our elementary school playground to use as a raffle next spring. THanks for sharing!