Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday Night Sew-in

Below are pictures of my current quilt-in-progress which I worked on during Friday Night Sew-in. I can't wait to browse the other sites and see what other creations are out there. Click on the button at the right and you can also see the works of others.

I recently joined the McDonough, Ga. chapter of the Silver Thimble Quilt Club facilitated by my new friend, quilt designer Pat Wys. She really has some fantastic quilts shown on her web site at The first quilt introduced to the club was "Strawberry Pie"
My LQS used some very pretty fabric for the kits which reminded me of summertime that brought sunshine to my dreary, rainy day. But that's okay because dreary and rainy is synonymous with sewing days for me.
This seems to be a fun, easy pattern. Pat suggested we put all the fabric in a bag, shake it up and sew together what was pulled out. So that's what I did....Gotta tell was kinda scary!

Here I've sewn the strips into pairs. I did cheat near the end and look because I didn't want to pull out two like pieces.

Then I mixed up the pairs and sewed two pairs together to make 4 strip segments. I just love the fabric that came with the kit...... Nice, bright and happy.

The Kit came with focus fabric and also stripe fabric for the binding. The fabric colors make me feel like I want to play.

Alas, this is as far as I've progressed on this quilt. But no's an all day rain event here in the Southeast which for me means an all day sew event. I hope to have everything pieced by days end. (midnight). Hubby is playing golf.....yes, the rain, then football later on will keep him no guilty feelings will prevail. Hopefully tomorrow I will post pics of the finished pieced top.

Hope you have a joyful day in whatever you choose to do. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

Happy Quilting! Happy Living!

Friday, January 15, 2010

A.D.D. and/or post- Nyquil Haze??

Where is my camera? I would love to show you pictures of my current quilt-in-progress but I just can't seem to remember where I put my camera.

I headed to Best Buy to get another USB cable for my camera since the cable that came with the camera was not in the pile of USB cables for other techno stuff. When driving to Best Buy I remembered I needed to go to Home Depot for a new garage door opener. Since Home Depot was closer I went there first. When I came out of Home Depot I saw Target and realized I needed to get a few household items. Since Target was right there I went there next. I browsed around Target not even thinking about checking their USB stock. When I left Target and was walking to my car I saw a "Big Sale" sign in the window of Bath and Body Works...well I could not ignore this with Birthday's starting over again. When I left B&BW I remembered I needed a few craft items from Michael's. Well....I spent over an hour there. My husband calls and wants to meet me for lunch....great idea since I was starving. When I was headed home from eating I remembered some food items I needed from the grocery store. I grabbed their sale ad and saw some great buys which I headed straight for. When I arrived home and emptied the car I realized I had never gone to Best Buy for the cable, needed a special battery for the garage door opener and was so excited about the grocery sale I forgot to get the ingredients I needed for supper. And I still don't know where my camera is.

Post-Script: I finally found my camera. I put it in my purse when I was headed to Best Buy. I guess I need a larger camera or smaller purse. I will post pictures as soon as I get some rest!

Happy Quilting! Happy Living!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year....glad it's finally here!

Life Notes:
Finally...back to a normal routine. I think I just may throw-up if I see another pie, cookie or appetizer. Just hand me a Slim-Fast shake and enroll me in a Weight Watchers meeting! It's the first of the year and time to start anew. I love the Holidays but am always glad to get back to normal...whatever that may be.
One thing I know for sure is cold! The clouds are slowly slipping in front of the sun now. Gray is beginning to be the dominant color. With rain, sleet and snow just hours away the chill is starting to set in. The radar is lit up with the colors of, blue and pink... oh far away you seem! The fireplace awaits to become alive with warmth from the turn of a switch and hot chocolate packets wait patiently in the pantry to steam from a warm cup and be sipped's still cold outside with Southern Snow on the way...where did I place my Parka and gloves?
Quilting Notes:
Can you believe it! I actually finished see right...TWO quilts in December. One for daughter's dorm-mate. She wanted greens and orange colors. It was a strip quilt and had lots of subcuts but I thought it turned out nice and she loved it.

I quilted it using one of my decorative stitches from my machine. The corner squares were added as an after-thought which is why one is smaller than the other. I already had the border fabric cut and of course had to match the corner square with the border size...oops. It worked out well though.

This second quilt I actually spent about 15 hours on. It was really easy and went together fast. Part of two days to cut and piece and part of another day to quilt. I gave it to a friend of mine who has been waiting patiently for a quilt for over a year.
I was so pleased with this quilt. I just loved the fabric and colors and is much prettier in real life. The camera just could not capture the true colors.
I learned from the previous quilt and waited to cut the border fabric, therefore, my corner squares are the appropriate size. Since time was not on my side, instead of doing the normal binding I got out my serger and loaded it with four colored threads that matched the fabric color and quilting thread color and just serged where the binding would normally be. It turned out great. I finished the faux-binding in a matter of minutes. It actually took longer to thread my serger then to serge the edges! It may be my new standard in edge finishing my quilts.

My friend just loved it. I had to ask for it back though because I wanted to show it at one of my quilt clubs..She laughed, hugged it, then handed it back to me...the sign of a true friend.

Since life is now back to some kind of normalcy I can now get back to blogging and keeping up with other's blogs. I just so love doing that!

Nursing Notes:

All last week I cared for an elderly women whom we will call Alice. She was admitted with respiratory distress, fluid overload and atril fibrillation. She was progressing fairly well...her heart rhythm was corrected and she was breathing much easier with less fluid on board. When I returned to work on Monday, Alice was still there but family had made her a DNR because of near codes and intubations during the weekend from continued respiratory distress. The M.Ds did not expect her to live through the night or even through the change of shift. The off-going nurse even stayed a bit after shift change to help me with Alice if God decided to start her on her new journey and adventure. Alice made it though shift change and family maintained the death watch through out the night. Alice would wake up every now and then and carry on conversations with family and myself. I learned so much about Alice that night. Family had brought in old pictures and photo albumns and talked about how Alice had effected their lives through love and patience. The family was very close and each had several stories to tell. Even Alice had some to tell. When Alice tired and had difficutly breathing she would just drift off back to sleep while the family continued to tell stories of Alice's life journey. Family asked on occassion how much longer it would be and all I could tell them was that when God was ready for Alice he would take her. Family seemed comforted by this and continued to tell "Stories of Alice". Well...God was not ready to take Alice that night or the next day when she was transferred to Hospice care. That night I really leaned about the "dash" between the years of a persons life and I believe that family members while gathering during the "death watch" really turned out to be a "life watch" in learning so much from each other during their Stories of Alice.

Love each other. Happy Quilting. Happy Living!