Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Gifts

I visited my LQS today to find fabric for a baby gift for my nephew's first child. I always have such fun when I'm fabric shopping, especially at my local shop. I can spend hours in there just looking and touching. I've had the pattern for several months, but now that I've received the shower invitation, I guess it's time to start sewing.

I don't know if they are having a girl or boy so I bought neutral colors which I just love. The rick-rack is brown. I was debating on yellow or brown but I thought the yellow looked too girlie. The stripe fabric will be on the back and showing when the quilt is folded. The pasley will be the outside pocket. The multi-colored circles fabric will be the inside and the solid orange will be the pillow. The toy bag will be the solid orange and circles. I think it's going to turn out really cute for either a girl or a boy. I will not be there though to hear the whoos and ahhhs, since they are in another state.
My LQS, like all other shops hosts a variety of kits with very talented owners who display the kits in the perfect spots in their stores. I found this cute kit that includes the fabric and pattern to make a baby blanket, bib, and burb-cloth....of course I could not pass it up.

I will post pics of the finished quilts. I have a deadline and I do so much better with a deadline.
Have a great weekend and happy quilting....DeAnna S.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Went to Aerosmith/ZZ Top last night. The audience was an interesting mix..many reliving High School days....many not yet in High School...many with their young adult children (like us)...and I'm sure many grandparents with their grand kids. I guess these days we need to get family time any way we can. The concert was great, the amphithertre was packed and it was a swealtering July night enjoyed by all.

On a quilting note.....Oh...I don't have a quilting note...I've done zero quilting of late. Maybe straightening up my craft room will inspire me! I have been messing around with my EQ 5 program. I've forgotten how much fun that is...and it's gotten my creative juices on at least simmer if not a rolling boil. I'm interested in getting the EQ 6 update, but I figure I need to play around with 5 to justify getting the version 6.

Hope everyone is having a great week and getting more quilting done then I am!