Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Up and Running/Kaleidoscope Quilt

Ok...I know that I've been behind on posting...but since "the other" blog site lost everything again Crying 1 I will start devoting my posts here...especially since just about everyone else is here also! Rolly 2 I'll try to keep up? I WILL keep up!

I've been working on my kaleidoscope quilt. It has been such fun. I ended up with 60 or so squares so I've decided to make two quilts. I'm naming them "Sister Quilts" because they came from the same parent fabric but they are different. With one I'm using a lighter fabric for the corners and the other I'm using a darker fabric. Here are some pictures. I think they came out quite nice for being my first time doing this type of quilt.

I'm not sure yet what color the sashing fabric will be. I was thinking about a blue or a green.

Maybe a blue for "Big Sister" and a green for "Little Sister"

I don't know which ones I like the best. I still have so many that I did not take pictures of.

I'm still so amazed at all the different combinations that I got out of a 20 inch fabric repeat! It's like they all have their own story. I guess just like sisters do.

Thanks for viewing. Talk soon.
DeAnna S.