Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A 16 Year Old Learning to Quilt is a Wonderful Thing...and Other Happenings!

Wow...this year has flown by. Friends kids are back in school and this is the first fall in 19 years that August has not been associated with school for us. Where has this summer gone and what in the world have I done with those days?! Summer brings lots of interruptions for me it seems...especially this year!

First I had left total knee replacement surgery in March...recovery went very well. Then on July 8th I had right total knee replacement surgery...recovery is going well, but slower. It seems I'm about two weeks behind in my recovery compared to my first surgery. My DH has reminded me that I'm not as young as I use to be and I've had two major surgeries within 4 months so it's logical that the second recovery will be a bit slower, plus I'm still rehabbing my first knee....Okay...I will agree with him this time on that subject! But all will be fine in a short while.

I thought I would sew more during my recovery period but that hasn't happened. I stationed my Featherweight and a bag of small UFOs on my kitchen table so that I would not have to manage the stairs to get to my sewing room. Have I sewn? ....Not much. I now know why I have those UFOs...I wasn't happy with the project to begin with and that still holds true it seems....I've not been motivated at all to complete any of the projects. I guess they will remain UFOs for awhile longer.

My daughter started her Appalachian Trail adventure on July 1st. She flew to Maine and is hiking south back to Georgia...2,187 or so miles! She is currently somewhere in Connecticut and having a great time learning a lot about nature and herself. Check out her adventure  on her blog site. She has posted some awesome pictures. I wonder how this adventure will change "my little girl"?

During my recovery for my second knee my mother and 16 year old niece came to help me out. During that time my niece finished her FIRST quilt. She did an excellent job and did the entire quilt herself. Here she is finishing up the piecing. She thought my Featherweight was cute.

Now it was time to quilt and pick a thread color...she chose Fuchsia...and yes she was somewhat nervous about the quilting process.

I gave her a quick quilting lesson and she was off and stitching. She decided on an all over wide stipple and had the quilting completed in a matter of a few hours!

Ahhh...nothing like wrapping up for the first time in a newly finished quilt!

The quilt pattern is Star Power by Tracey Brookshier. It's a great quilt for beginners and it was bought as a kit at Mama's Quilt Shop in Independence, La. 

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Happy Living! Happy Quilting!