Monday, April 16, 2012

I think I love Paper Piecing

Man-oh-man...where have these days gone...they are just flying by. It will soon be Christmas in July before I know it. But until then, it's one quick day at a time. I went to my very first paper-piecing class today. Confusing at first, but after I made my first few mistakes I was catching on to the technique. All these years of quilting and sewing I've always wanted to try paper-piecing and finally did. My pattern was fairly easy and was provided by our instructor. It's a stained glass pattern and was a great pattern to start off with. I was surprised that I could sew as straight as I did...even with following lines.

I found some fabric in my stash that I thought would look nice. The quilt will be as big as how much fabric I have. I probably have enough to make a nice size lap quilt. I like the stained glass look and I've always wanted to do a stained glass quilt. (Kinda looks like an eyeball to me. Hopefully when I have the saching in place and the blocks are turned it won't look so much like an eye!)

 I was really surprised at how well all my seams laid together. I've never been so precise and accurate with my seams...and these are tiny seams. I made the usual errors..forgot to trim, sewed on wrong line, fabric caught underneath, etc, but all in all I enjoyed the class. Now I'm on the look-out for more paper-piecing projects.

Thanks for stopping by. I plan on working on more of this tonight. Since it's a new technique I need to get it ingrained into my brain.

Happy Quilting! Happy Living!