Monday, April 21, 2014

A Storm At Sea with a Heart

A friend of mine Debbie is expecting a new granddaughter...well, as quilters you know what that means...It's an occasion for quilt making!

Debbie designed, pieced and quilted this amazing quilt for the new addition to her family. She's named the quilt "All Roads Lead To My Heart".

What's also amazing about this quilt is, it's a Storm at Sea pattern. Can you pick it out? Color placement transforms the Storm at Sea pattern into something uniquely different and fascinating.

After seeing Debbie's quilt I scoured the Internet and found these other Storm at Sea quilts. 

Have a look...

Hope you've been inspired to create your own Storm At Sea quilt? I guess, for me, it's another project to add to my bucket list!

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Happy Living! Happy Quilting!


  1. Your friend Debbie's quilt is just gorgeous as well as the quilts in the links! Wow! Thanks for the inspiration today!

  2. DeAnna, Storm at Sea has been on MY projects list for quite some time; it keeps getting pushed further down the list and yet, I absolutely adore the original design. It's amazing to see what color changes can do to this quilt design. I never would have guessed! A whole Pinterest board with just Storm at Sea quilts---oh, thanks for the inspiration. I'm amazed, truly.
    Marsha, QuilterinMotion

  3. That is very nice. Now that I have taken a look at your internet links, I can see it in her beautiful heart quilt. Thanks for those links - they really helped someone like me who doesn't know these patterns.