Sunday, April 20, 2014

Oh My...Oh My...My Plants Have Grown

I must be doing something right...It's been 16 days since I initiated the DWC hydroponic systems and the tomatoes are loving it...actually...all the plants are loving it.

Around April 2nd or so, I set up more DWC containers to transplant some seedlings that were more then ready....these young sprouts so eagerly growing were the bush beans, okra, yellow squash and bush cucumbers. My hubby also bought two bell pepper plants and a poblano pepper plant...I think he's really not wanting to wait for my seedlings to get big enough! (And my seeds are Non-GMO and the plants are probably not).


  1. Seed! I used to have a great and huge garden. I miss it so, where we are here is not really conducive for planting. Sigh.

    So what did you decide to call your group?????

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