Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's A Saturday Sharing Day at Pigtales and Quilts. Go take a look at what everyone else is sharing on this Saturday and share something yourself. It's easy to link up! This is what I would like to share...

Happy Saturday! And Happy Saturday Sharing Day.
I sewed the last quilting stitch on my black and white diamond quilt which I'm naming "DeAnna's Diamonds" This was the first quilt that I quilted on my longarm...I finally showed that machine who was boss, after saying to myself..."self, it's only thread and not a permanent marker...thread can be removed". I realized I was right...and I removed all stitches that I was unhappy with. (It also helped that the thread was black and I was stitching on mostly black and the backing was a busy white flower on really couldn't see the stitching at all) really can't see the stitching on the back..maybe if you zoom really close...but you don't have to do that...just take my word for it that there's stitching there!
This is the border. I quilted the arches between each diamond on the border. Sorry for the poor picture quality...but you get the idea. My sister at Sew Much and More gave me these rulers for Christmas.
I generally serge the edges of my quilt before I put on the binding. It holds the layers together PLUS cuts off the excess batting and backing all at the same time!

Serging makes a nice support for the binding. This is a wide three thread overlock so it doesn't add too much bulk.
This is my serger. I love, love, lover her! She is so versatile! I've pieced several quilts with her and my seam allowance is always perfect...she sews a perfect 1/4 inch overlock stitch! And my edges are neatly finished.
But threading and tension adjustment is such a horrific chore you say? Not this "Baby"...I just put the thread about a half inch inside the threading ports and press the "Push to Thread" button.... and with a whiff of air it threads...
...even threads the looper needle eyes!...'s certainly an Evolution in serging. Like I said...I love, love, love her!
Let's see what else I can share today....oh yeah...
I blogged hopped in the Dare to Dresden Blog Hop and I won this beautiful fat quarter from Debbie over at a Traveling Quilter. Thanks Debbie for offering the giveaway...especially since I won!
I am also taking an online quilting class at Quilt University. I'm taking Designer Pinwheels taught by Dena Crain  She is a really awesome designer and I look forward to learning a lot in the 4 week course.
Now..on to finishing my quilt...binding and a label and I'm done with "DeAnna's Diamonds" and a February UFO project.
Oh... and a quick and easy beverage recipe for a cold winter night:
Irish Coffee


  • 2 teaspoons sugar, or to taste
  • 2/3 cup hot brewed coffee (decaf can be used)
  • 2 tablespoons Irish whiskey (or Irish cream Liqueur)
  • whipped cream


Combine first 3 ingredients; top with a generous dollop of whipped cream. Sprinkle with nutmeg if desired. Makes 1 serving.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I love reading your comments!
Happy Living! Happy Quilting!


  1. Loved your post! I need to get a serger! I have always wanted one but never bit the bullet... I sewed at the Lee Jean Company for a few years in the 80's and did side seam on a serger... Loved sewing with it. maybe I need to ask for one this year for my birthday or something. lol

    Thanks for linking up to the It's A Saturday Sharing Day Linky Party on my blog and for the fantastic shout out!

  2. good for you not letting the long arm beat you. that is what has happened to my neighbor friend-she is very intimidated with her long arm, and I have suggested either get up there and master it or sell it-lol thanks for the recipe-I can use that as we are back to chilly temps again.Kathy

  3. Hmmm... I've always wondered how to use a server for quilting. I don't have one but knew they are wonderful for other projects!

  4. I must get using my serger more, I am a bit intimidated with it, must be the reason for not using it. You use yours for piecing a quilt top???
    What other projects do you use yours for?

    Nice quilt.


  5. Hi!!! Let me take a break to make up that recipe!!! Hee hee!!! Sounds delicious!!! You go girl!!! You know these machines can't do a thing with us!!! Mine can't do much with me either...but that is another story!!!! Thanks for the fun!!!!

  6. Great post D! Congrats on getting DeAnna's Diamonds done! Can't wait to see the final photo of it!! I'm glad you quilted on the longarm and were able to use the templates you got for Christmas! You should do a post showing how you've used your serger w/quilting!

  7. What a great idea to serge the edges before binding. My mother in law has offered me a serger but I have never used on so am a wee bit intimidated, but maybe it would be good to learn to use on small projects like wall hangings, and mug rugs.

  8. Can't wait to see the final pics of DeAnna's Diamonds :)

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