Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fabric for Kaleidoscope blocks

Just a quick post.

I found a picture of the fabric I used for my Kaleidoscope blocks. The picture was taken in 2009 so I guess that's when I started the blocks. I wish I knew the name and manufacture of the fabric so that I could look for more. I didn't find any scraps in my stash or scrap pile...not even a tiny piece!

 It's amazing all the different designs I got out of this piece of fabric!

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  1. Try posting it on People find the craziest fabrics on there! It helps if you know the information, but it is worth a try. Good luck! I have a couple kaleidoscope WIPs too. :D

  2. Lovely designs in those blocks, wishing you luck to find more of the fabric you used.

  3. I have never seen material like this material. It is really special. XX Kathleen

  4. It looks like a Jenny Beyer fabric.