Saturday, March 23, 2013

No Sewing - Recovering from Total Knee Relacement Surgery

It's A Saturday Sharing Day at Pigtales and Quilts. Go take a look at what everyone else is sharing on this Saturday and share something yourself. It's easy to link up! This is what I would like to share...
I missed last weekend's It's A Sharing Saturday due to my surgery, but not this week.
 My knee replacement surgery was Thursday, March 14th...all went well...Thank you Lord! I was discharged from the hospital last day earlier than expected.

This picture was taken the day after surgery. I really wasn't this happy. The anesthesia made me so sick!

Of course I had to have my pre-surgery pedicure. I'm a true girly-girl!
I finally got out of the house yesterday, Friday - a week and a day after surgery. I was about to go stir-crazy!
Our first stop was to get a manicure. The hand massage was great!
The results! 
It was too soon to go home and I still needed some therapy so we visited my LQS. It was so relaxing hobbling amongst the fabric.
My mother came to help me during my recovery and she has been a life saver. My husband and I appreciates all the help  she is giving. Mom also had her knees replaced about two years ago and has been a sea of information and support. Thanks Mom. I love you!
My next step stairs!
My sewing studio is at the top and I hope to be able to get up there sometime next week. I'm in the need of some sewing therapy now and want to get my mom back into sewing!
Thanks for stopping by. Hope that everyone has a great weekend. Hope to have some quilting projects to show next weekend!
Happy Living! Happy Quilting!


  1. You looked great. Feel better ASAP so you can get up those stairs!

  2. I loved reading this post. Hope you get up those stairs asap to start back sewing. Its wonderful to have your mom there and to benefit from her experience with the surgery.

    My husband had total knee replacement in November and there is no way he would have gone up those stairs! But he didn't have a sewing machine up there waiting.... I would have been trying to get up there, like you. LOL

    He is doing good and just finished all of his physical therapy.

  3. Wishing you a fast recovery so you can get up that stairs soon! Lovely nails by the way.....

  4. I can't believe you are up and out so fast. I would be dreading those stairs! LOL. My mother is a whiney whiney person. She had one knee done an refused to eat or walk. And she stayed with me because she lived in a hunting camp on the Lake Pontchartrain. It is elevated 16 feet.

    We told her she could not go home until she could climb a flight of stairs. It took 4 months to motivate her enough to get her out of my house!

  5. Hi!!! Glad you are out and having some fun!!! Great Mom!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Awww - beautiful, lovely Ladies! You are doing great and I believe you will be up those stairs and pain free very soon. Your baby will be a welcome sight. Praying for a full and complete recovery.

  7. Get better fast. Nothing helps you feel better than sewing it is very therapeutic.

  8. Deanna: It has been a pleasure helping you while you are recovering from your knee surgery. You have been a good patient.
    You have been a good daughter, when I have had other illness and had my knees replaced you have always been there for me.
    Now it is so good that I am healthy enough to help you. Hope I will be healthy enough to help you with your other knee in three or four months.
    You have a beautiful Blog. I enjoy the pictures of all your quilts and all other pictures.
    Keep the good work up. Love you.
    Your Mother Jennie.....

  9. Hey D! You are doing so good with your recovery! Praises! I love your mani and pedi photos! I'm so glad Mom can be there to help! Mom, you wrote such a touching comment! I love both of you very much! D - you will be up the stairs before you know it, springing into action - sewing, quilting, and sleeping in your bed (instead of downstairs)! Was your quilt still hanging up at the LQS? If so, did you or Mom take photos? Take it one day at a time... one step at a time. ~ Love

  10. Deus abençoe sua recuperação,já,já você vai estar estalando de nova.Bençãos.

  11. OMG, it was GREAT to see you today! You look fantastic. Hope you have a speedy recovery and I will see you soon at AST!!

    Take care, Pat