Thursday, January 16, 2014

T-shirt Quilt - My first

My DD who is now 23 years old had finally released some of her high school and sports t-shirts to me so that I could make a quilt or should I say quilts.  I think she was running out of storage room. This is the first t-shirt quilt I've made (ever) and I probably have enough t-shirts now to make 5 or 6 more bigger quilts for her. After taking this pic and viewing it we've decided to change the top right corner square and use a different t-shirt for that particular square. The square that's there just sort of sticks out to much.  (She didn't know I already sewed the thing together. At least it wasn't the middle square she didn't like.) I plan to do an all-over stipple design in order to make quick work of it.

I need to add borders yet...good thing I've not done that yet since I need to make changes! I'm thinking of doing borders in red since her HS colors were, as you can guess, red and black.
After looking more at this pic, I really don't like that top right square either! I'm sure I can find something from the 3 garbage bags that are stuffed with t-shirts!
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Happy Living! Happy Quilting!


  1. It looks great D! I'm looking forward to seeing it complete. Maybe it will encourage me to pull out my DH's ball t-shirts to make a quilt for him. That will free up some storage space too!!

  2. I love t shirt quilts. When my daughter graduated from LSU I had to BUY thirst to make her a quilt. She couldn't give any of them up.

  3. QuiltSwissy, that is funny - but I guess it's not funny that you had buy new t-shirts possibly at campus bookstore prices. Maybe your DD will make a quilt out of them herself one day.

    DeAnna, the quilt looks really great even with the "awkward" corner. The school age years can be crazy awkward at times anyway so it seems fitting for the quilt to reflect that in some small way. Your DD will get many years of enjoyment and have fond memories from the use of this first of several quilts that will one day fill a home of her own. Plus she will get to brag about her mom making them :-)