Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014 - Atlanta is Frozen!

What a mess this weather system has caused here in the South...and also maybe poor planning by government and private companies! I feel for the kids that had to stay at the schools overnight and the parents trying to get home but were stuck in the massive gridlock created by EVERYONE trying to get home. It's like snowpocalypse around here! We are just not prepared for this kind of weather. It may make for a pretty scene, but I'd rather have the green grass and warmer temps we are so accustomed to.

This was from a traffic cam on I-20 this morning, west of the city. These people are stuck in the one is moving. I heard that Kroger Grocery store kept there doors open through the night and allowed folks to take refuge in the stores.  A FaceBook group was trying to get to people stranded in cars, bringing them food, water and gas. Hotel rooms filled up throughout the city so most of the stranded people had no where to stay anyway. Churches also opened their doors to help accommodate the stranded. At least there is still compassion out there for those in need. Oh and a baby was born in a car while the parents struggled to get to the hospital. The National Guard is now teaming with law enforcement and helping all the stranded folks...THANK YOU TO ALL THAT SERVE!

Why do we have all this sophisticated weather forecasting if government and private companies don't heed the warning! Gosh I received the winter weather alert Sunday night on my cell phone! And quickly made sure I had all I needed for sewing my projects! Anyway...snowpocolypse 2014 continues with freezing temps until tomorrow.  Luckily I'm retired from nursing for the time being and my DH's company was smart and decided to close until tomorrow.... and I'm home...sewing!

This is what I'm currently working on:

I made these during our Annual Family Sewing Retreat in October. They came together quickly and were rather fun to make. One bag takes 2 fat quarters.
I'm wanting to use small panels for the front of the bag but I'll need to move the zipper up an inch or so...or maybe relocate the zipper opening to the bag top.
I love these panels. They make me laugh every time I look at them. I know some nurses that actually look like these and I'm sure you know some too!


They are the Nifty Nurses Collection by Loralie Harris for Loralie Designs. I'm using one panel per bag so I definitely have my choice of which Nifty Nurse to use!

Thanks for stopping by and your comments are always welcome. Stay warm!

Happy Living! Happy Quilting!


  1. We had problems here in n. West Ga. But not like Atlanta

  2. Those nurse panels are so cute.
    We don't even notice the snow anymore, But I sometimes imagine what a life without it would be like.
    Good idea to stay in, stay warm and most importantly, stay safe.
    Happy sewing! Those bags are great!

  3. Hi DeAnna. I live in N.E. Georgia in Habersham Co. and I totally agree with you. They knew the snow was coming so why didn't they make better plans for it? I really felt bad for the school kids. They should have sent them home as soon as the snow started falling. As far as that goes, they should have closed the schools for the whole day.(They did up here) I know we don't have that much snow, but I think we could be better prepared for it when it does come.This shouldn't have happened. Stay warm and be careful.

  4. I feel for the kiddies and the poor souls caught in the terrible road conditions. It's been such a topsy turvy winter all over the place. Snow we're used to here in Saskatchewan but it's the crazy temperatures that are giving us headaches. Everything from freezing rain and 2 above to -52 windchills!
    Take care. Stay safe, warm and stitch :)

  5. Oh My Golly Gosh and Gee Wiz - I hope someone (or two) is held accountable! That should not have happened. So happy you were able to get those cute nurse panels done. I can't wait to see the finished bags.

  6. Glad you weren't stranded. LOL. I have go look at that bag. I love Lazy Girl bags, I have several of the Bow Tucks Bags I have done.

  7. i am glad to know you had you priorities right.
    made sure I had all I needed for sewing my projects

    Kathleen Mary

  8. Sorry about the snow mess! I've made a bunch of run around bags. They are great for gifts!

  9. Glad you didn't have to be out in it! I love those nurse panels! They will make adorable purses!

  10. Those bags are darling, great fabric choices!! I hate watching the news but when the weather goes wacko, I also miss lots of great stories. Thanks for sharing those pictures are amazing. By the way that Erma Bombeck quote was a life changer for me a few years ago. I realized I wasn't using my talents very well, keeps me on track. I like your blog. Back again from Grow your blog!

  11. It's crazy isn't it? I live in england where it snows most years, not loads, but it does happen. Every year, when it happens, everyone is amazed and the country grinds to a halt! I lived in Poland for 2 years where it snows daily for around 4 months. Not one school closed, not one bus was late, not one person fell on the ice. why? Because they were prepared for it! Madness...

    the bags are lovely!

  12. I'm an RN, too, and made these panels into a quilt! :)