Thursday, May 23, 2013

What a Busy Month May Has Been!

 It has been such a busy month! 

Not with quilting, but life in general... sorta (I know something to do with quilting is in there somewhere). Our one and only child graduated with Honors from UGA (University of Georgia at Athens) on May 10th. She was one of 5,200 students.  Wow...and I thought her high school graduation was big.  We entertained relatives that weekend and we all had such great family time! I thought I was going to have a hard time with walking and stairs since I'm still recovering from total knee replacement surgery but thank goodness for our handicapped laws. There were ramps, elevators, and escalators throughout the entire stadium....not to mention the handicapped parking. (Thanks to all who came before me that fought for handicapped requirements. It would have been difficult for me to attend if not for these amenities. (Please respect handicapped parking!...okay I'm done with that)).

Before the procession.....

After the procession....

The ceremony was rather long though...2.5 hours with all the speakers, but we were rewarded with a fireworks show at the end. 

I've also been planting some flowers...well, my DH has...All I did was hand him the flowers and supervise.

We planted some Vinca and then my Sunflower seeds started growing also. These I will have to separate.

These little Sunflower plants were more properly placed. It should be pretty with the Vinca surrounding the Sunflowers.

My dwarf Hydrangea is also blooming. I love the blue color!

I'll post before and after pics once the flowers have grown some.
Now it just needs to rain!

Thanks for stopping by. What have you planted this Spring?

Happy Living! Happy Quilting!


  1. Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation. I wish I could grow flowers but I have the blackest thumb in the world! I hate to wish you rain because lately it seems bad things come with weather, so I will hope you get some 'showers'...

  2. Congrats to number one daughter! I know you are very proud! Does this mean extra money for you to buy more fabric! :-) Your flowers look great! And the sunflowers will look great when they are in bloom!