Monday, April 29, 2013

Bloglovin or Feedly?

Whoever thought that blogging would have it's own evolution?

I love my Google Reader, but like all things, there is eventually an ending or changing of some sort. And the ending of Google Reader is part of the evolution of blogging...I guess.

Many blogs that's I follow, quilting and non-quilting, are having to make a choice on a different RSS feed if they are wanting to keep up with blogs they follow. Two choices seem to stand out...Bloglovin and Feedly. Currently I am testing both.

Some likes and dislikes I have found:

1. Bloglovin:  They have a button I can place on my blog. I can follow easily and others can follow me just as easily. In order to get your stats you need to claim your blog. Feedly: No follow button is used.

2.  Ease of transferring over the blogs I follow: Both transferred over quickly but Feedly was almost instant. Bloglovin took just a few minutes (I follow over 400 blogs). This has something to do with Feedly using a browser extension (See link to articles below for more information.)

3.  Accessing your reading list:  Bloglovin standard preference sends out a daily email with new blog postings. This can be set to receive emails with each new posting, one email a day, or not receive emails at all.  Feedly requires you to sign in to view any new postings. So far I like to receive the daily email from Bloglovin. It's a good reminder for me to browse blogs that have new postings.

4. Feedly offers more choices on viewing options. The viewing page can be set up to view as a listing, magazine or boards for quick glancing. (I do like this). Bloglovin offers just one style...a listing that can be marked as read. Both offer side menus that can be organized to your liking.

I found this article and this article that did a really good comparison of the two. Whichever your choice, Google Reader is going away July 1st so make your decision quickly so that you will be able to transfer over the blogs you follow. It would be really discouraging to me to know that I had to start my follow list from scratch again. Not to mention all the great quilting projects that I would miss seeing and reading about!

I hope this information has been helpful. Evolution is not an easy thing sometime...but this is pretty easy to do!

Thanks for visiting. I love to read your comments!

Happy Living! Happy Quilting!

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  1. Good post D! Thanks for doing that research. I'm going to check out Feedly.

  2. I am presently using Bloglovin'--BUT I've noticed that compared to Google Reader, you only get one email with blogs you follow a day and also, Google Reader is "instant", in that the minute a blog posts you see it on their page--not so with Bloglovin--{ANDI am still mad at Google Reader----*** hmmmpfh!!} At any rate, I guess it's a brave new world out there and forever changing...Julierose

    1. I'm mad at Google Reader too! If you've claimed your blog through bloglovin you can go into settings and get a separate email for each blog that post an update...not sure how instant it is. When I "follow by email" I've noticed it takes about 6 or 7 hours to get the email saying there was a posting. With as many blogs that I follow though that could be a lot of emails! ***hmmmpfh is right! Thanks for leaving a comment.