Monday, March 5, 2012

Fabric Stash....added A WHOLE LOT MORE! How does your fabric make you feel?

Okay...I believe I'm now motivated. Thanks to all the wonderful comments to help me get motivated. That and browsing your blogs has helped me tremendously. I even got out all the fabric that has been in bags since January that I bought on sale. WOW...more added to my stash. My LQS had a magnificent 3 day fabric sale in January..4.99/3.99/2.99 per yard and buying the remainder of bolt dropped it another $1 per yard. I went fabric-wild as you can see. Most of what I bought was 2.99/1.99...all high quality 100% cotton. I went back the last day and low and behold everything was 2.99/1.99 so I was able to buy what was left of 4.99 bolts for 1.99. Thanks you Karen for the great sale.
 It was fun opening up the bags and remembering what I had purchased. I still love them all and they will be a magnificent addition to my stash. I just love petting fabric. I really believe it reduces my stress level. As I was going through the fabric I was imagining what all I would like to make and admiring the different color combinations.

But it's not all for me...My sister over at Sew Much and More has started a Prayer Quilt Ministry at her church and makes prayer quilts upon request. She has made quilts for church members and members families who are going through major surgeries or someone who may be dealing with a disease. She has made prayer quilts for all generations, but it's the children's blights that really pull at my heart strings. She is currently in the process of finishing a turtle quilt for a young boy. My sister is so dedicated to making these quilts and I admire her for her dedication to this ministry. So when my LQS was having this wonderful sale I thought it would be a great opportunity to increase her stash as well!

Not sure how many yards I have total...some pieces are 5 or more yards and others are yard pieces. Based on how much money I spent I probably have close to 100 yards of fabric if not more.

Now... to sew on...and on...and on. Why do we so love our fabric? Good questions...why do you love your fabric so? How does it make you feel?

Thanks for stopping buy. Happy Living! Happy Quilting!

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  1. Thanks Dee! I love, love, love (drooling over) that fabric!! No hurry... no... hurry (just joking) I have plenty to keep me busy! God blesses me with just enough and when you send that fabric it will be perfect timing! Too bad I can't come to the Atlanta Shop Hop and I could just get it from you! I had so much fun last year!