Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2:30 am... I guess I should not have had that spaghetti 30 minutes before going to bed. Why not sew something.

Good Morning everyone! I guess I should not have had that spaghetti before going to bed. I tried to stay up but wanted to go to bed so I would not sleep late...now look where I am...it's 3am...I will probably stay up for a couple of hours until my stomach settles, go back to bed...and still sleep late. But I have so much to do!

Yesterday I received my first of three prizes that I won participating in the Leap Day giveaway hosted by Such a Sew and Sew.  I can't believe I won three of the 56!. This lovely fabric, mug rug and cup came from The Way I Sew It. Thanks so much for your generous prize. I love the bird fabric and the mug rug is well made. She has a wonderful blog site...pop in a say hello.

OK...off to go through some of my sale fabric I posted about yesterday. What a wonderful way to while-a-way the early early morning hours. Maybe I will sew something too. One thing about sewing...you can do it anytime...day or night. I wish a good morning to some and a good night to others. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Living! Happy Quilting!


  1. Congrats on winning! I won't text you this morning as to not disturb your sleep!

  2. OOOOH I know how you feel. Might as well stay up and get stuff done. Nice prizes. congrats!