Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Quilt that will never be.

These are from my local quilt guild's Challenge Quilt....."Walk on the Wild Side". Boy what a challenge in making me go wild and crazy and disliking every minute that I spent on it. My challenge was trying to like it! They never made it to be a quilt. We were suppose to use a technique that challenged us or one we had been wanting to try. We had to use three particular fabrics that were pre-picked by the powers that be.

First strike against....I did not like the wedge technique that I chose to use and second strike... I did not like the choice of fabric...just not me. I really, really really tried to like it, but we just never did meld together!

I planned on doing just four blocks since each block was 20 inches with the corners added. I thought of using it as a wall hanging. But then....I don't have any of these colors in my home decor scheme...which made me dislike the blocks even more. Actually I know no-one that has this color scheme. ( are safe). I kept asking myself "What was I going to do with it and why was I wasting my precious quilting time on it?

But...because I don't like to having half-finished blocks lying around and I thought maybe I would grow to love them.... I kept on sewing and sewing and really trying to develop of bond.
Never did develop that bond! I still dislike them as much as when I realized how much I disliked them. The Guild challenge quilts were secretly turned in at our October meeting. Mine never made it since I secretly kept them at home. It will be interesting to see some of the quilts that were made. I will post pics after they are displayed at the November meeting.
But all is not lost. I thought about removing the corners and making round pillows for a teenagers room..( may not be safe after all). That center circle reminds me of a big button. Maybe with some embellishments they may turn out pillows. (Future pillow pics to follow.)
On a non-quilty note... I've been drying herbs in my food dryer...Taragon and Basil this morning. The smell is wonderful and is making me want chicken salad for lunch. The weather here in Georgia has been beautiful after our flooding rains of a couple of weeks ago. Fall has finally arrived by the actions of my 14 year old cats getting frisky and of course the cooler weather. Even my dog's fur seems to have gotten thicker this past week. Life continues on.
Happy quilting and Happy living to all.


  1. You crack me up with your idea of continuing to make the blocks thinking you might grow to love them. Perhaps you can donate them to someone, have a giveaway on your blog, or gift them to the "powers that be" who chose the fabric. I like the blue and purple fabrics, but I too am having trouble seeing how it goes with the other fabrics. I do like the blocks, though. I think you did a nice job on them. Karen

  2. I do like the blocks and the color but I understand what you mean I made a quilt top ,I hated the colors together and the design ,don't tell I threw it in the garbage when no one was looking LOL .I still feel guilty over that one .

  3. I seem to be in a mnority of one here but I like the blocks. Maybe if you changed the background to a black or dark blue?
    If all else fails send them to me and I'll do something with them. they are just my colour scheme.LOL

  4. I like the second to last design. That one and the last one makes me think of a snowflake. Making pillows is a great idea. Also changing the background to a black or dark blue as one poster suggested is a great idea too. Pillows would be quick and easy and less waste of time for something you haven't been able to bond with. I signed up for my local quilt store's next BOM project. It's a big project for such an inexperienced person as myself.. or so it seems to me. Here is the link to it: . It's 'Green Piece'. ~ g

  5. I thought pillow too but would leave them sq, it adds to the mystery of what were you thinking! (a darker border wouldn't hurt either) cw

  6. I agree on the darker border. I was being inexpensive..or cheap for a better word. I did not have a nice blue in my stash and wasn't going to spend more money on something I didn't like all that well...but I now have a blue so if I make them into pillows, I'll use the blue. Makes me like them just a smiggen better.

  7. I love them, Deanna, but I also love torquoise and they remind me of crisp beach....Isn't it funny how sometimes the liking never comes to us....i've had a few and then someone else loves it and is thrilled for a "giveaway".