Friday, October 23, 2009

My Dog loves quilts...for a snack

I was working diligently on my current project and failed to notice that my dog Harley was not at my feet as he usually is. This could only mean trouble. Then I remembered I had my quilt top blocks assembled on my living room floor (my current design wall). Then I heard it...that awful ripping and smacking sound of fabric being torn and eaten. I jumped up with fear in my heart and visions of torn and shredded quilts blocks that I had spend so much time and work on scattered all over the living room floor.
And there he layed...with a quilt block between his paws and jaws...pulling and pulling and smacking and smacking as diligently as I had been working. I believe his hopes were to hurry up and finish it off before I found out.
I stood there with hands on hips, dropped jaw and tapping toe...he understood completely as he let the remainder of the quilt block fall from his mouth, rolled onto his back awaiting a stomach rub. I scolded him briefly and remembered I was the one who put the blocks on His living room floor in the first place.
Luckly, the damage was not too bad....just one block with one green piece almost gone as you can see from the complete block. Wasn't too bad to fix....I just didn't have anymore long pieces of the green left and had to use a different fabric. This will be my humility block for this quilt.
Harley knew he had displeased me, then I felt bad. He is such a good natured, blue-eyed animal and likes to please. He gets his feelings hurt easily. Here is a picture of Harley with his hurt feelings.
I let about 15 minutes pass. He recovered quickly when I said "Tootsie Roll?" ....his most favorite treat.
Harley is now happy again, the damaged block fixed and sewn together with all the other blocks that were quickly removed from the floor.
I hope to have the quilt top finished tomorrow. I decided to not lay it aside once the blocks were finished to start Bethany's quilt as I posted previously. It has so many subcuts and steps I was afraid I would have forgotten where I left off.
Happy Quilting! Happy Living!


  1. Did you ever take into account that Harley was just trying to show you a new why of appreciating your work. It was so beautiful that it had to be tasty too ;-)

    Pretty dog and quilt (from what I see)

  2. I don't think I would have been quite so forgiving.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. Good morning. We had a dog who used to eat my shoes. I wasn't forgiving then .LOL

  4. The old dog ate your homework excuse, eh?

  5. Oh my! We dont have a dog, but 2 cats. And one of the cats LOVES paper! He has chewed on bills *yeah!*, notes, even homework! I think my kids are the only ones that can actually go to school and say that the cat ate their homework! Literally, he will eat half a piece of notebook paper, if you dont watch him!
    Glad you had fabric to fix up your block! They are lovely, by the way!

  6. Thank goodness you were able to repair what was damaged. How old is Harley? Do dogs ever get old enough to let them out of your sight for one minute? Mine is still considered a pup, so I have to keep a very close eye on him, but I was hoping my vigilance wouldn't have to last forever. ;-)
    That's a pretty quilt.

  7. Poor Harley. Mine aren't interested in eating the blocks, just lying on them. But as they are beagles I am well trained to leave NOTHING at ground level or near the edge of the table or bench. Even the garbage is up on the bench.

  8. Hi, Deanna. Enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your quilts. You're getting better and better! Monty and I both were impressed with your writing. You may be the next author in the family! Stay warm. SIL Carolyn