Saturday, April 6, 2019

Working on a Row By Row

While traveling during the summer and visiting quilt shops, I collected Row by Row fabric kits for 2.5 years (2014, 15 & 16) and I'm just now starting on them! Congrats to the folks that finished them the year they acquired the patterns. 😝

😏 And the reasons I'm attacking the fabric kits now...

  1. I put them on my monthly UFO challenge list, a challenge that I participate in with my 3 sisters.  
  2. I bought fabric kits for the Row By Row patterns which includes the needed fabric and I've vowed to not buy any new fabric until I use half my stash 🙄 
  3. I could use the container the fabric kits are in to store new fabric that I may buy. 😳😄
We start our challenge in February after the mad rush of Christmas and after settling into the new year. On the last day of each month we draw a number and sewing will/maybe/should commence. We have very loose rules and sometimes I may only complete 3 or 4 or less items on my list. But hey, those UFOs are completed and off my list! 👍👍

Here are the completed rows for February and March. I think they were from the 2014 and 2015 Row by Row events. 

This one is my favorite! Batik fabrics were in the kit. I don't think I'm putting it in a quilt but instead I'm thinking of framing it and hanging in my husbands office. The only thing I changed was the addition of a worm on the hook. The pattern had fabric pieces on the hook with the words "Hooked on Quilting" on the Row, which is not appropriate for my husbands office (Why?!) This kit came from a quilt shop in Tulsa. 


I changed up this kit for February quite a bit and like it much better. The flowers were floating in the blue sky so I added stems to add a bit of perspective. I added more bees, used less hexies and added the stone and brown border fabric. Oh and omitted the writing. I believe the theme that year was "Home Sweet Home". All the patterns had words of some sort to be appliqued on each row and I don't want all that writing on one quilt. I'll probably applique or embroider "Home Sweet Home" at the top of the quilt. This pattern also came from a quilt store in Tulsa.  


These are the Rows I have for now. The April number has been drawn and I've yet to start. The month is still young but moves along in quick paces and in the Spring I like to be out tending my garden and flower beds....just like those bees above! 

Today's Recipe - Bacon Brittle!

Yes, I do believe it warrants an exclamation mark. I've not tried it yet but it sure sounds awesome and delicious! Give it a try. 

Happy Quilting!
Happy Sewing!

Life is full of many journeys. 
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