Monday, December 28, 2015

Quilts as Christmas Gifts

For the past few months I've been steadily piecing and quilting quilts for Christmas gifts. When asked by my in-laws what I've been sewing, my standard answer has been a vague "small projects and table runners" with a quick change of subject. Now that the quilts have been given I can finally reveal them here for all to see!

I was quite pleased with the way the quilts came together and more importantly I had no major issues. I work better with a deadline and stayed on the schedule I created to get them completed before Christmas. I kept all the quilts as a throw size...roughly 60 x 60 inches.

Now for the Reveal! 

(The fingers holding up the quilts belong to my DH who's job was to assign the quilts to the recipients.)

Carolyn and Monty's Quilt

Gary and Jean's Quilt

Linda and Ken's Quilt

Inez's Quilt

Iris's Quilt

Shelby and Frances's Quilt

Michelle and Michael's Quilt

I'm happy to report the quilts were a huge hit with the recipients! I'm also happy to report that the only new fabric I had to purchase were two pieces of backing fabric...the rest came from my stash! Sad to report that I really can't tell I took from my stash! Oh well...I have an entire new year to work on that!

Quilt On!


  1. I am amazed at your productivity. The quilts are lovely. You must have worked twenty four seven on them

  2. Gee, I haven't heard from you in a long time! Glad to see you are well.....and busy! Happy New Year!

  3. Beautiful! After all these years of seeing your quilts I bet they were thrilled to receive one of their own! I know they will be treasured!

  4. Wow, those are beautiful quilts! Love them.
    Happy New Year DeAnna!

  5. Beautiful! A lot of work and you did a fantastic job. I know each quilt will be cherished.

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