Monday, January 19, 2015

Living on Tulsa Time

It has been a long while since I've posted...but...I have a good excuse. I'm amazed at how one email can change your priorities and current life situations. My DH was offered a job in the Tulsa area...we thought about it, prayed about it...thought and prayed some more...then decided a change of scenery would be nice! So we moved...though not quite as easily as I've just typed.

We moved to the Atlanta area 20 years ago and my household paraphernalia has grown quite a bit in that time span.  Especially my sewing gear...I've added 7 machines and a whole lot of fabric in the last 20 years! Can you imagine packing up your entire sewing room?  It was a frightful thought and I was a wee bit embarrassed when the packers came. I did some preliminary packing such as boxing up my sewing machines in the original boxes and taking apart the long arm. Other than that the packers and movers did the rest and I have to say they did an excellent job.

Before all the planning and packing we had to find a house! It's really difficult finding a new home based on your sewing room and having a long arm, numerous sewing machines and a ton of fabric that needs a nice big area to live in. I was in fear of having to give up my craft! Four weeks later and after viewing about 50 homes, we found the perfect home in a nice country setting!
Sewing room all packed up and ready to go...
This is only one-half of the room!


Trying to move during the Holidays is quite the challenge. We closed on our new home the day before Thanksgiving and spent Thanksgiving Day in Little Rock with my sister Gina who blogs at Sew Much and More. (We had no furniture and no food which meant No Fun)  I was in the new house less than two weeks when Christmas festivities in Louisiana were upon us, then two weddings in Texas the weekend after Christmas. I was finally back home on New Year's Eve to continue my adventures in unpacking!
Moving forward in time to the present and after about 100 unpacked boxes, my sewing gear still remains packed in boxes and behind a closed door!


I'm easily side-tracked and distracted when my sewing paraphernalia is available so I'm unpacking and organizing other rooms before I start unpacking and organizing my new big 24 x 26 foot sewing room! It's a huge room and the only room that's upstairs (we were looking for a one story because honestly I was tired of dragging 98% of our laundry up and down the stairs in our Georgia home AND other future age related reasons that I'm sure will occur). The room fits my needs perfectly and the movers groaned every time I said "upstairs" when they were hauling in boxes! So behind this door is my future sewing room that I hope will one day inspire me to create beautiful things.
But this is what it looks like now.....and this is only half of it!
I've not sewn since the middle of October and I'm in need of some sewing therapy!! Two rooms remain before I can commence with molding my sewing area into a room that will stimulate my creative juices.  It has become a carrot dangling in my mind.
I'm loving my new home in Oklahoma and the country is beautiful and peaceful. I'll always be Georgia Girl Quilter but now with a twist (and hopefully not a tornado twist)...Georgia Girl Quilter in Oklahoma.

Thanks for visiting and come back to see the progress and transformation of my new sewing room.

Happy Living! Happy Quilting!


  1. Welcome back to blogging! You've made a lot of progress making your new house a home! I look forward to having our fall retreat at your home!

  2. Congratulations on your move! I had no idea but I did miss you! Glad to hear that you wanted to make the move and that it went well.


  3. It's incredible that you haven't sewn since October. Well at least you're a little bit closer to your sewing therapy experience. I know it will be very refreshing to sit at that machine again. Looking forward to seeing your new sewing room come together!

  4. Missed you. You are indeed wise not to unpack your sewing room, no sewing since October you would likely be in there 24/7.
    Look forward to seeing it "unpacked".

  5. Welcome to your new home in Oklahoma! I know you will be an asset to your new community. New adventures await you ...and new quilting shops ...and quilting groups ...and shop hops! I look forward to getting the complete tour of your new home. Soon you will be knee deep working to create your new sewing room environment. It will be sew inviting and calling your name sew loudly that you will soon be sew creative. Have fun!

  6. Welcome to OK. Please consider coming to Green Country Quilters Guild in Tulsa. I am the librarian this year and have been asked to be again next year. We have a quilt show in June 2016 at the Fairgrounds at 21st and Yale in Tulsa. You may entry quilts that have not been judged in other shows. We are also going to have a red/white quilt exhibit. We try to have 3-5 "nationally known" speakers at our meetings each year. I'd love to meet you. I also belong to a stitch group that meets the first and third Monday of each month. We are not good about meeting when school in out as some of us have grandchildren during the summer. I'd love to get to know you and have you as part of our guild. It is a fun group of people - yes, we have a few men, too.

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