Monday, March 15, 2010

Not going to work = more time to quilt!

It's absolutely amazing how much quilting and sewing I can get done when taking a home vacation and not working. But then again....I need to work to support my fabric I guess I will just have to continue to work. Darn!

Today I had a leadership luncheon/retreat (for work during my vacation week) but was out of there and at the LQS before 2pm. I finished piecing my hubby's b-day quilt and needed to get the backing fabric and lighter binding fabric since brown came with kit. I ended up rearranging the log cabin blocks on EQ5 and decided on the layout as shown below. I ended up with browns on the outside and needed a lighter binding fabric.

The binding fabric looks more yellow in the pic than what it actually is. It's a poka-dot beige color which contrasts the outer brown quilt fabric. The brown backing is 108" which I would advise anyone who has access to 108" to always use. No cutting and piecing the backing. Just unfold it and spread it out. It's great stuff and my LQS has a large selection so it's what I always use.

Below is hubby's pieced quilt. No worry about him seeing it on here because I don't even think he know's what my blog address is. I think he will like it. I'm off to the pool table upstairs to make the quilt sandwich, then when I get up in the morning all I have to do is quilt and bind it....sounds so simple and easy...yeah! Hopefully I will finish it tomorrow in time for his birthday on Wednesday. I guess I actually have until Wednesday evening to get it finished. Wish me luck.

When I was at the quilt store today, they were making these kits for Shop Hop. I just had to have one. Daughter is going to UGA in the fall and has repeatedly asked for a Georgia quilt. Well low and it is...pieces all cut and ready to sew and I already have the pattern. I'm glad they sold me one today and I didn't have to wait until Shop Hop.

I think I will lay it on her bed, still in it's packaging, and when she comes home this weekend I will tell her that her Georgia quilt is on her bed. She will probably roll her eyes and throw the package at me....but I'm still going to do it.

The pieces are cut to go with the Take 5 pattern. This is such an easy pattern. It went really fast the last time I made it and I had to cut the fabric. This should go really fast since the fabric is already cut and all I have to do is start sewing....what a wonderful kit and it was only $45. I know....I know....what about my fugal fabric goal....I have no excuse....I don't have a comment about it and I'll just leave it at that and move on.

Have a great night and I hope to be posting pics tomorrow evening of the FINISHED b-day quilt. Thanks for visiting. Happy Quilting. Happy Living.


  1. I could not have resisted the kit either! Isn't it nice to have a complete project all together. Your dear husband's quilt turned out wonderfully.

  2. Wow - that is such a great quilt for your DH! I need to work on one for mine but I always get sidetracked with bags and purses. I am jealous of the beautiful fabric they included in the Take 5 kit - love the dog paws! Have a great day! Lisa

  3. That is a pretty brown fabric. Looks like chocolate, hmmm. Nothing like a deadline to get a quilt done. Hope you get it done.