Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Day of Shop Hop

1st day of Shop Hop. Visited 5 of the 11 stores today and put 170 miles on my car. Below are some pics of quilts that were displayed and of course that had kits available. It was a fun but traveling day. I ate breakfast and skipped lunch but brought snacks to eat along the way. Did not want to spend the precious shop hopping time eating, especially since I wanted to get 5 stores in today.
These are the freebies I got today. All stores are giving out a pattern of their block for the Shop Hop quilt and 5 nickel squares which some of the stores have included a nickel pattern. Then some also are including other quilt patterns, notions, coupons off and candy.
Here is what I bought today. I tried to keep to my fugal fabric buying. I did buy from clearance bolts that were $4 per yard. If I couldn't find clearance fabric then I bought a pattern and fat quarter. I spent about $12 at each store, but of course could have spent hundreds. Since I did not win the lottery this week I have to pace myself with all 11 stores. I would like to support each one and spend a little at each. I did though spend over $60 at my LQS. They always have their 5 yd bundles for $30 but was offering a $10 off coupon for April for anything in the store if you bought I bought two and already know how I'm going to use the $10 off next month. This makes the fabric bundle actually $5 per yd which is not bad. Maybe I'll go back and get two more and another coupon. It's pretty easy to spend money in that store!
Here are the charms that each store was giving if you spent $10. The charms were based on the stores themes. We have here "As American as" pie, westerns, Disney, Disco and 4th of July.
Below are pics of just a few of all the quilts that were displayed.
The star quilt is a version of the Shop Hop Quilt that each store did.
An raffle quilt by a guild with proceeds going to the local Humane Society.

Another version of the Shop Hop quilt.

Okay I need to call it a day. I have to get up early for another day of Shop Hop. I'm visiting 3 stores tomorrow that are spaced a distance apart, so my driving distance will probably be about the same as today.
Thanks for visiting. the way...I missed my deadline for my hubby's b-day quilt. Oh well....What's life if we have to adhere to deadlines all the time....I seem to just watch them fly by me anyway....but I do try. Happy Living! Happy Quilting!

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