Friday, February 3, 2017

UFO Challenge

For the second year now two of my sisters and I have participated in our own UFO challenge. We each pick 15 items (sewing and/or non-sewing), number the items and create our individual lists. We start our UFO challenge at the beginning of February, after the busyness of the new year. Near the end of January we email our lists to one another and our husbands take turns picking a number at the end of each month. No prizes are awarded. Just the notion of a project completed is reward enough.

Do we accomplish completion status every month? Of course not! This isn't a pressure thing we put on one another or a race. In reality LIFE happens every day and we are all busy with our own families and jobs, but We. Are. Trying!

Last year I reached completion status on four items...maybe it was three. But that's three or four less UFO's I have in my stack. How many of you have Row By Row patterns and kits from Quilt Stores you've visited during the summer while traveling or even from your LQS? I have two years worth so this year I've added 2015 Row By Row kits to my UFO Challenge list.

And....I just finished my February pick and's only February 3rd! I wasn't too keen on this pick based on the pattern picture but after I completed it, I just love it! This Row By Row kit is from Quilt Styles in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Of course....lots of applique as it seems most of these kits are. But that's okay...I think they're fabulous!

The water pump was quite detailed. I used the triple stitch on my sewing machine to get nice dark detail lines and a blanket stitch around the edges. 

I laughed to myself because water in the art world is mostly blue but as we all know water is clear, and I realize you can't see clear! It was just something that hit my brain as I was appliqueing this water drop. Water glistens so I used metallic thread around the water drop.

And the finished row... it's really hard to see the details, hence the above photos. I've just about decided to make this one a wall hanging instead of including it in a quilt.  This is the only vertical row I have for the 2015 kits and it would end up on the back. I believe, as a wall hanging, it'll go well with my antique looking guest bathroom.  

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  1. I love your idea of sisters have a UFO contest. I never had a real sister and the sisters I have recently acquired are not crafters. I love the pump. I went to a one room school in WV that did not have running water. We had outdoor toilets. There was a pump in front of the school. It still worked. However, there was an electric pump beside the kitchen that had been built on. The cook had to carry water from the pump to the kitchen for everything - cooking, dishwashing, etc. The bigger students carried pails of water from the pump to crocks in the cloak room to wash hands and drink. There was a sink that drained into the school yard. That was in the late 50's and early 60's. One of my Tulsa friends thinks I grew up in the little house on the prairie. I think she also thinks I should be a little more backward than I am because of it. Thanks for sharing the fun!

  2. Love the way that row x row turned out. That's a great idea for a bathroom wall hanging. Since it is a vertical design it should look perfectly at home on a wall.

  3. It looks great! I like the colors they selected for the kit! It'll look great in the bathroom! Good job on getting it done so quickly! You have time to get another one done and you'll be ahead on your UFO list! Yikes! I need to get started on my UFO for Feb - I need to buy some background fabric to get me going.