Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kings Cakes and Daffodils

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The signs I look for that tells me Spring is near:

King Cakes...

...and Daffodils

Click here for a great King Cake Recipe. It's from my niece, Angela, who lives in Baton Rouge, La.

The daffodils started pushing through a couple weeks ago and now they're in full bloom. Hope we don't have a freeze, but...alas...another Polar Vortex is on its way.

Quilting Happenings:

Friday my LQS hosted a workshop. It's a new club that's starting up..The ABC club (Already Been Cut). The objective of the club is to work with precuts. This month's workshop focused on the Disappearing Four Patch as demonstrated in this YouTube video by Jenny Doan of The Missouri Star Quilt Company. I've done the Disappearing Nine Patch before so the four-patch method was new to me. 

There were about 15 or so in attendance which made for a nice group. Don't you just love sewing with others...I do!

I started out with this four patch. I used fabric from my stash...YAY!!...and cut my own 5 inch squares.

Then you make cuts one inch (or two inches...your choice) from the seam on all four sides. Having one of those rotating cutting mats worked really well. 

Next exchange the two top squares with each other and the two bottom squares with each other. (Or move the narrow center pieces around too if you want...Lots of choices for YOUR quilt)

Then take the tiny center square and rotate it one way or the other.

Ta-Da...a disappearing four patch. 

I've played around with different layouts with the fourteen blocks I completed in the workshop...I'll let you know which layout I decide on once I get more blocks made. 

What did you sew this weekend?

Thanks for stopping by and I love to read your comments!

Happy Living! Happy Quilting!


  1. Our daffodil stems are pushing through but no flowers yet..soon though! The disappearing four patch looks awesome! Looking forward to seeing what design you go with!

  2. I have neve made a king cake! It is too easy to just go out and buy one, I guess! LOL>

    I like your disappearing 9 patches mmore than any of the others I have seen. I may get this one going on some of the REST of my stash!

  3. Loved seeing your daffodils - ours will be another month or so. This is a fun pattern to play with and you have some very pretty fabrics.

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  5. King cakes and daffodils .. Oh, yes! Says spring to me. Your disappearing nine patch units are wonderful. Happy quilting.

  6. What cute fabrics! I like this block.

  7. Hi!!!! I love your disappearing nine patch!!!!! Very pretty!!!!!

  8. The one time I wished for a rotating mat was for disappearing 4-patch! I don't make many, though, so I resisted. It is my guild's BOM this year--they assign colors so the winner has some coordinating blocks. I haven't won any yet.

  9. I like the disappearing four patch. I made one block last month and am ready to make something bigger!