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Muffuletta or Muffaletta? A New Orleans Tradition.

It's A Saturday Sharing Day at Pigtales and Quilts. Go take a look at what everyone else is sharing on this Saturday....This is what I would like to share...


a thick, round sandwich similar to a herotypically containing ham, salami, and cheeses and topped with an olive salad, a specialty of New Orleans.

I didn't get any sewing done today, but I did make one of these sandwiches that my husband loves and could enjoy on a weekly basis. My local grocery store use to carry a similar semolina type bread but then stopped. So...if I wanted to make this sandwich I had to learn to make my own bread too! I succeeded. I use my bread machine to mix the dough and use for first rising. There are two more rising to go before baking. 

The muffuletta sandwich is one of New Orleans' signature foods. The sandwich originated at the city's Central Grocery early in the 20th Century, when Italian-born farmers brought their produce to the local farmer's market. The Italian-owned grocery stocked their favorite meats and olives and, over time, the owners hit on the idea of making lunch easier for the farmers by creating a sandwich that would hold all their favorite ingredients. The loaf used was a round, Sicilian bread called muffuletta, which gave its name to the sandwich.

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Steps to Build a Great Muffuletta 

Here is my round 1.5 pound loaf. This will be one sandwich cut into wedges. It smelled soooo good while it was baking. I love baking breads in the Winter. (Small round sandwich buns from grocery bakery will work well too..not hamburger buns, they are too soft.)

I use Olive Salad from Gambino's Bakery in New Orleans. Any time I go back home for a visit, this is one of the items I always bring back. (If I'm out I just make my own. The one I make is similar to this one)

I drain the olive salad in a colindar and generously spread it onto the sliced loaf. I will use a little more than half the jar. Don't discard the drained olive oil!! It's great for dipping fresh breads into or to dribble over steamed veggies. I just pour the oil back into the jar until I need it.

Onto the olive salad I next put a layer of Honey Ham then a layer of Hot Capicola.

I then add a layer of Provolone cheese....

Then a layer of Hard Salami....

Then a layer of Pastrami....

Then a layer of Mozzarella...whew...wait there's more....

Then a layer of Sopressata...

I generally have some extra slices of Mozzarella left, so what the heck...I throw those on to...
Just a few more steps left.

A little more Olive Salad on top...and...

Put the top half of the bread on...and...

Slice into eight wedges...and...

Plate it up, zap individual wedges in microwave for about 30 - 45 seconds to melt cheese...and ENJOY!

Serves 6 - 8 people. I can only handle one wedge and sorta have to eat it sideways....DELISH!!

It was nice spending a cold Saturday baking bread and sipping coffee then enjoying this sandwich for supper.

Hope you try it and enjoy it. Let me know if you do. 

I buy about 1/2 pound of each ingredient but usually don't use it all. (I normally have other uses in mind for the remainder or make two and wrap wedges in plastic wrap and keep in frig for a quick grab)

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Happy Living! Happy Quilting! Happy Cooking, too!


  1. oh my word!!! That looks delicious!!! Can you mail me one of those! lol

    Thanks for linking up to the Saturday Sharing Day on my blog! :)

    Can't wait to see what you fix up next weekend!!

  2. Oh, yes, we are from New Orleans and love these babies! The best ones outside of NOLA is at Rotolo's in Baton Rouge.

    BTW -- Where do you get the Gambino's Olive Mix? we are desparate for good olive mix.


  3. Your post is making me so hungry! It looks so yummy! I've never heard of it before but I just might try one!

  4. Absolutely yummy, delicious! And on homemade bread - Awesome! You go!

  5. Hi!! This looks and sounds yummy!!! I enjoyed my visit to your blog!!! Thank You

  6. I was not hungry till I read your blog. I'll be over soon. Thanks for linking up to Sharing Saturday, that is how i found your blog. Kathleen

  7. WOW That looks delicious but I can imagine you can only eat one piece!
    I also found your blog with Sharing Saturday!

  8. I Loved your post-my hubby would love this! Kathy

  9. Hi DeAnna! You have just given me the recipe for the Super Bowl Sunday...... LOL
    Thank you so much. No way could my company eat their way through that without pause.

  10. Oh, My! It is a good thing I just ate dinner a short while ago or I would be running to the kitchen. I do not have the ingredients for this monster sandwich on hand, though. Olive Salad? Not sure they sell this in the northeast. I have to show this recipe to my adult kiddos who are foodees.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment ... :) Pat

  11. Hey D! It looks so good! I wish we could have made this when we were together at Christmas! I'm very happy to have your recipe now though!

  12. Oh, it's been a LOOONNNNGGGG time since I ate one of those (I lived in NOLA from '90-'93). Nice to see a recipe for the olive salad. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Oh that sandwich looks so yummy! Would you mind sharing where you found the recipe for the bread? I have to give this bread a try.