Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Visit to Mama's Quilt Shop

 Saturday, after my sister (Sew Much and More) and I converged at my mother's home in Hammond, La. for the Christmas holidays, we made a trip to Mama's Quilt Shop in Independence, La., a country drive 30 minutes east of Baton Rouge, and 45 minutes north of New Orleans.  

Its a quaint little shop nestled behind live oak trees and sits in front of a large peaceful pond. Entering the quilt shop is like coming home. You are greeted with warm welcomes and an array of bolts in current trends of fabric design.

Ms. Martha from Living Life was working on finishing up these cute "twister" wreaths. These were made using the medium size twister ruler. These beautiful projects measured about 14 or 16 in square from my "eyeing" estimation... correct me if I'm wrong Ms. Martha. I have the twister ruler but I've never used it...I think I should use it. 

Ms. Martha was also working on this faux red-work rag quilt. You had to touch the fabric to feel that it was actually stamped on the panel. 

Here are two quilts that were hanging in the shop classroom. The camera does not do them justice. They were very eye-catching hanging in the store.

I love the star border on this one. The contrasting colors really gave the quilt depth.

Patty was working on this cute applique' for her 4-year old grandson. She was doing an excellent job. Applique' is a technique that I've not tried yet...another technique that is on my "To Do" list.

I thought that her choice of colors were great!

There is so much detail in applique'.

My sister, mother, and I had a nice time at the quilt shop. Visit my sister at Sew Much and More and check out all the fabric goodness the store has to offer!

Thanks for visiting!

Happy Quilting! Happy Living!


  1. I love those trucks! What a great boy quilt! I guess you can make them in pink and purple for girls! LOL

    I love going to Mama's. Have fun.


  2. It was so fabulous to see you...I am just sad that we only get to see you a couple of times a year! I wish both of you lived close enough to see you every week. I feel like I have gained two sisters and a mom...not to mention numerous nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts. Yeah! I hope your Christmas was wonderful and that the New Year brings you everything wonderful in the world. Love ya!