Friday, May 4, 2012

A visit to Mama's Quilt Shop

Mama's Quilt Shop is a cute shop in Independence La. You drive down a one lane road and come to a peaceful place with beautiful Live Oak trees in the front and an old fish pond in the back. The shop has a great assortment of up-to-date quality fabrics, a great sale room, and a really nice size classroom. The owner was absolutely wonderful and guided us with our fabric choices.

I found this black and white in the sale room for $5/yd. I'm currently doing a black and white quilt and needed to replenish my stash. I just bought what was left on the bolts... I believe there's about 6 yards total here.

They also had this Faux Leather and a tote on display that I fell in love with... so of course I had to get me some to make the tote.

  The Tote.

They had many of their kits on sale and I thought they were reasonably priced to begin with. This blue and white fabric was put together for a Snail's Trial quilt design. Blue and White is so crisp looking to me.

The pattern.

Then I found this pink and green for a Card Trick quilt. These are not really my colors, but I'm trying to come out of my box some and explore more.

The Pattern.

So if you're ever near Baton Rouge or New Orleans...take a nice country drive and visit this shop. Southern hospitality is plentiful.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Quilting! Happy Living!


  1. Sounds like a nice place to drop in and browse.
    Like all of the fabric you purchased. Pink is not my colour either. I find it hard to choose colours out of my comfort zone.
    You are going to busy for awhile, look forward to completed projects.

  2. I'll definitely have to go to the quilt shop the next time I'm there!! Great finds! Love the faux leather! Those blues are so pretty and will make a great snails trail quilt! I've been wanting to try that design! I also really like the pinks and greens but don't use those colors much because I'm usually using neutral colors for male or female for my prayer quilts! I've wanted to try the card tricks pattern too! So many things on my to do list , so little time!