Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fun Time at Retreat

Had a great time. Sewed from 9am to 9pm on Saturday. LQS owner, Karen, is always a great host. She kept us laughing and fed all day. I worked on several small projects and participated in the
Jelly Roll 1600 race. I placed a close third using my serger. Top winners were only 20 seconds or so apart. It was fun. I finished my quilt top in 34 minutes. For information visit YouTube and search jelly roll 1600. May have to do more with this method. Didnt' take pics, but I sure pics will be posted soon on LQS blog. I will update soon.

Thanks for visiting....

Happy Living, Happy Quilting.



  1. I checked out the Jelly Roll 1600 and can't wait to try it!! Retreats are fun!

  2. I've heard of jelly roll races. I'll bet it was lots of fun!!! I'd love to see a link to pictures if you can :-)