Friday, August 12, 2011

I hope to Be Back

Well...well...well.....I hope to be back. Life has been so busy. I'm still quilting, but now I've added embroidery to my adventures. I am currently embroidery on my quilts to quilt them. Look me awhile to figure it out and get comfy with it. I progressing right along. I will get comfortable with one or two designs on the quilt...then try something new on the next one. My sewing room looks like a Baby Lock showroom with 3 of their great machines.

Hope to post pics soon of my quilts.

Happy Friday, Happy Living, Happy Quilting.


  1. Hi so nice to see you are back again. Look forward to see pics of your quilts.
    I haven't done much posting, no new quilts started, still doing hexies. This time of the year is so busy, can;t find the time to sit and sew for very long.

  2. Lookinig forward to viewing your quilts. Welcome back to blogland!

  3. Welcome Back! I like your To Do List!

  4. Hey, sis, testing to see if my profile pic displays