Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Midnight Cactus Flower

DONE! And with a few days to spare. The club meets this Saturday and that's when I will show the quilt. It wasn't that difficult to make. I quilted in the ditch around the design to try to help bring out the design since it's such a busy quilt. Below are the corner flowers.

This is one of the center flowers. You can really see the bright stars shinning!

I had a hard time trying to find a place to hang it for the picture. I just bought some room dividers to separate my quilting room from the living room so I used those. I've decided I like the quilt even though it's quite busy. I used leftover strips from the quilt to make the binding. That worked well.
It will be fun to see what others at the club have come up with for their quilts. I'll post pics of those after the meeting on Saturday. Happy quilting to all. Thanks for visiting.


  1. It's just beautiful! I love it! ~ g

  2. Very pretty. You did a great job. Karen

  3. Nice job on the quilt. It looks great.

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog ,I love the quilt and your blog background is stunning love the colors.