Saturday, August 1, 2009

Went to Strip Club this morning. The strip pieces of fabric is what came in the litte box. Below is the finished quilt that the shop did. This is a very popular design that I've seen before and it's used a lot for Christmas....perfect since the shop has its Christmas fabric. It's a beautiful quilt. I chose not to do the Christmas theme. I wanted something different and unconventional... so... for the background fabric I picked the black and white star fabric with the black on white fabric for the border and the white for the back. The quilt's going to be dark so I thought the black on white border fabric would lighten it up some. Most of the club attendees were going for all the gold colors for background and that was my first color of choice when we where going through the instructions. But then when I saw that was most people's choice...I wanted mine to be different. I'm naming the quilt "Cactus under the Stars" or "Cactus at Midnight". I guess I'll decide when I'm sewing it up. I hope to be finished with the top at least by our next meeting a month from now. I'll post my progress if I decide that I like the color combination...if not, this may very well be the only pics I post.


  1. Cool name for the quilt sis. I know it will turn out beautiful. The prickly pear cactus fruit turns red when it's ripe, so I think the color combination and the name are perfect. Love you!Can't wait to see the the completed top anyway. My friend and are are planning to go to our local quilt shop today as we are trying to get back into quilting. Not that I was really into it before. So many unfinished projects so little time.

  2. I like this quilt,,thanks for sharing, AMy