Monday, January 19, 2015

Living on Tulsa Time

It has been a long while since I've posted...but...I have a good excuse. I'm amazed at how one email can change your priorities and current life situations. My DH was offered a job in the Tulsa area...we thought about it, prayed about it...thought and prayed some more...then decided a change of scenery would be nice! So we moved...though not quite as easily as I've just typed.

We moved to the Atlanta area 20 years ago and my household paraphernalia has grown quite a bit in that time span.  Especially my sewing gear...I've added 7 machines and a whole lot of fabric in the last 20 years! Can you imagine packing up your entire sewing room?  It was a frightful thought and I was a wee bit embarrassed when the packers came. I did some preliminary packing such as boxing up my sewing machines in the original boxes and taking apart the long arm. Other than that the packers and movers did the rest and I have to say they did an excellent job.

Before all the planning and packing we had to find a house! It's really difficult finding a new home based on your sewing room and having a long arm, numerous sewing machines and a ton of fabric that needs a nice big area to live in. I was in fear of having to give up my craft! Four weeks later and after viewing about 50 homes, we found the perfect home in a nice country setting!
Sewing room all packed up and ready to go...
This is only one-half of the room!


Trying to move during the Holidays is quite the challenge. We closed on our new home the day before Thanksgiving and spent Thanksgiving Day in Little Rock with my sister Gina who blogs at Sew Much and More. (We had no furniture and no food which meant No Fun)  I was in the new house less than two weeks when Christmas festivities in Louisiana were upon us, then two weddings in Texas the weekend after Christmas. I was finally back home on New Year's Eve to continue my adventures in unpacking!
Moving forward in time to the present and after about 100 unpacked boxes, my sewing gear still remains packed in boxes and behind a closed door!


I'm easily side-tracked and distracted when my sewing paraphernalia is available so I'm unpacking and organizing other rooms before I start unpacking and organizing my new big 24 x 26 foot sewing room! It's a huge room and the only room that's upstairs (we were looking for a one story because honestly I was tired of dragging 98% of our laundry up and down the stairs in our Georgia home AND other future age related reasons that I'm sure will occur). The room fits my needs perfectly and the movers groaned every time I said "upstairs" when they were hauling in boxes! So behind this door is my future sewing room that I hope will one day inspire me to create beautiful things.
But this is what it looks like now.....and this is only half of it!
I've not sewn since the middle of October and I'm in need of some sewing therapy!! Two rooms remain before I can commence with molding my sewing area into a room that will stimulate my creative juices.  It has become a carrot dangling in my mind.
I'm loving my new home in Oklahoma and the country is beautiful and peaceful. I'll always be Georgia Girl Quilter but now with a twist (and hopefully not a tornado twist)...Georgia Girl Quilter in Oklahoma.

Thanks for visiting and come back to see the progress and transformation of my new sewing room.

Happy Living! Happy Quilting!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Around The World Blog Hop

I've joined several blog hops in the past but this is definitely a unique one...and no new project to stress over.  It's about making new friends and sharing something about yourself.  It's like passing the torch from blogger to blogger and learning something about each one along the way.

I was invited to join this hop by Karen from In The Sewing Basket.  You really must visit her blog. She has a long arm and does some awesome work, not to mention all the other projects and great information that's contained in her archives. I very much enjoyed browsing around her blog! We also found out we're both nurses and have a lot of other interests in common. It was fun communicating with her! Thanks, Karen for inviting me to participate in this blog hop!

 What am I working on? 

I seem to always be working on something, jumping from one project to the next and adding to my list instead of scratching off.  My goal for this year has been to NOT start new projects, but to finish what I've started. About three months into the year I revised that to read not start BIG projects. I'm a member of two clubs at my LQS and instead of making the full size quilts, I'm doing seasonal table runners...and actually finishing them before the next month and project comes around!! I like to challenge myself to be more creative and it's definitely been a brain exercise for me!

Here is one that really challenged me!  It's originally "Periwinkle" from Jenny Doan but I totally changed the colors and made peppermints where the white background fabric would be. I'm calling it "Stars and Peppermints" or "Here Comes Change"'s a work in progress for sure! Making the changes allowed me to practice using my EQ7 program. (What an awesome design program.)

The below quilt was made by Shirley who facilitates one of the clubs I'm a member of.  It's a beautiful quilt using the X-blocks template. Since I didn't want to tackle the large quilt I changed the colors and came up with a table runner for 4th of July....

....and added the star pattern. It's amazing just by changing the colors the difference it can make! The entire table runner was made using the X-block template. It's really a versatile tool!

And I'm always messing around with machine embroidery too...which I love doing! I'm not a digitizer and that's okay because there are some awesome digitizers out there.

Why Do I Create?

Sometimes I think it's in the genes! My mother is very creative and all my siblings are creative as well.  My creativity is an expression of me and it makes me feel good about myself, especially when I see the joy on the faces of others when I can give them something personal that I've created. It also helps with home decorating...especially when my 24 year old daughter, while looking through her past birthday pictures,  makes a comment about the background of all her birthday photos being the same...same curtains, same pillows, same wall art! Time for a decor makeover....something I can easily do myself...saving me money so that I can buy more fabric for projects to start and hopefully finish!

Now to pass that torch....

Please visit these lovely ladies who so graciously accepted my invite to participate in this blog hop. Visit them now and see what they're up to,  then visit them next Monday, September 22nd and find out more about them and what they are creating.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Memorial Pillows

I'm sure many of you have completed t-shirt quilts before for friends and loved ones. The quilts are versatile in size, fairly easy to construct and can focus on one or several events while telling a story. I've only made for my daughter that focuses on high school sports that has yet to be quilted and another one...a memorial quilt...for a friend of my SIL who lost her son suddenly three days before Christmas. You can read about Bryant's Quilt for his mother here.

At first my SIL requested pillows for Bryant's family after receiving a pillow from me that was constructed using some of my late Father's shirts. 

You all, I know, are familiar with the process of how projects evolve...Talk of pillows led to talk of a quilt which led to the birth of the above memorial quilt. After the quilt was completed the challenge was on... to make the pillows from leftover t-shirts used in the quilt.  Okay...I'd only completed one other t-shirt quilt...can I do t-shirt pillows too?! 

Yes I can.....!

They turned out quite festive and I hoped they would bring joy to Bryant's family members. The entire front of the pillow and ruffle was made from the t-shirts I received. I've never ruffled t-shirt fabric before so it was a first for me...well...the t-shirt pillows were a first too, so why not have many firsts in a single project!

I used the disappearing pinwheel block as demonstrated by Jenny Doan...

 ...And added some deco stitching from the sewing machine. 

For all you sewing and quilting purist out do you like the way my stripes lined up?! The funny thing is I wasn't even trying to line them up, didn't even think about it, and only noticed it after I took this photo. This phenomena (a true phenomena because I'm far from exhibiting characteristics of a  sewing/quilting purist) occurred on all three pillows that had the striped fabric! 

My only explanation is that Bryant was over my shoulder quietly guiding me as I was piecing the fabric!

The ruffle edges were finished with a loose serged rolled hem to give it a primitive look...

...and I added a side zipper under the ruffle for easy removal of the pillow form. Piecing the ruffle was decided upon because my t-shirt scraps were getting quite low and I didn't have enough of each t-shirt color to complete an entire pillow. 

My last task included a machine embroidered memorial to Bryant on the reverse of each pillow. 

It is my and my SILs hope that these pillows, as they are being hugged or looked upon, will bring a small amount of joy and comfort to Bryant's loved ones. 

So... do you know what you need to do right now...right this minute....???????




Go hug a friend or loved one because we never know if it will be the last.

Happy Living! Happy Loving!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Embroidery Wall Art

Check out my new Wall Art on my Machine Embroidery page. I thought I needed a change when my 24 year old DD commented that my window treatments and wall art was the same in all her birthday photos. Time to update.....

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Living! Happy Quilting!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their day and has had some awesome eats!

Our menu consisted of grilled hamburgers, chicken breasts and chicken legs. The BBQ sauce we used was Sweet Baby Rays - Cola-Q. It was interesting and had a slight cola taste. Not sure I would use it again as I lean toward a more sweet sauce. But it did have less carbs than the sweet sauce I usually use. If you read my low carb journey blog, I'm a Fat Cell Hoarder, you know that DH and I are low carb-ing it and he has lost an amazing 40 pounds thus far...anyway...we told our guest that it was BYOB...Bring Your Own Bun since we don't keep bread in the house.

To decorate for the 4th I made this table runner

It was made using the 7.5 X-Blocks template. I was really impressed with this template and just by changing the color manipulated the design.

The star was also cut using the same template placed differently on the sewn fabric pieces.

I quilted the top to a backing made from denim (old DH's jeans) using an appliqué stitch...

...and finished the edges with a serged 4-thread overlock stitch.

I machine embroidered these free standing lace flags and stars several years ago and actually knew where I stored them!

I put them in a vase with some red, white and blue tulle and presto....

...a centerpiece!

My table was ready for the fourth by the end of June instead of the usual day before the holiday...a first for me!

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting. Leave a comment, I love reading them.

Happy Living! Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How Fun is Your Foot.....

Presser foot that is! 

I was at my LQS today and I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting presser feet that make my sewing easier and that are fun to use. 

I found two today...

There's a YouTube video that shows a demo on this foot. It's quite interesting!

What feet do you have that you like playing with? (tickle-tickle)

Thanks for stopping by. I love reading your comments!

Happy Living! Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Memorial Quilt for Bryant

Bryant, a friend of my brother and sister-in-law,  passed away suddenly a few days before Christmas 2013.  Bryant was in his mid 40s and his death, of course, was devastating to family and friends. While most folks were doing last minute Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, Bryant's family members were shopping for funeral attire.  My SIL, who is best friends with Bryant's mother, wanted to present her with a quilt in memory of her son.

I'd not had the pleasure of knowing Bryant, but was honored to get to know him while my SIL and I worked together planning the quilt. Our final decision was a t-shirt quilt that was to include pictures of Bryant and his two lovely daughters along with various t-shirts that Bryant favored. 

It happened that my mother came for a two week visit in March and the plans were for her to bring the finished quilt back with her to give to my SIL. While Mother was here we had loads of fun attending the Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop, planning my indoor hydroponic garden plus we were able to work on and finish Bryant's Quilt. We both had a marvelous time working side by side as the quilt came together. Most importantly we had quality mother-daughter time that will always be remembered and cherished by me,  just as Bryant's family will always remember and cherish him. 

Quilting is suitable for all life events and even though Bryant's Quilt was made because of a sad life event, its making created happy moments of laughter and fellowship that my Mother and I shared together...moments that I will always remember. And even though I did not know  Bryant, I thank him for the happy life event that was shared with my mother by making this quilt. Even in death one can still bring joy to those left behind. 

Bryant's Quilt

As of this photo the borders still need to be added. We used batiks for the sashing and the quilt borders.

He enjoyed outdoor sports so I embroidered designs on a couple of the shirts.

It's difficult to see in this photo, but two of the t-shirts had pockets in which I embroidered a heart and a fancy design on the fabric.  Since the pocket of a t-shirt covers the human heart, love ones can put their hand in the pocket for a few minutes and dwell between the hearts. 

I thread binded the quilt with my Serger using a wave stitch. I love this stitch and finding I'm doing it more often instead of tradition binding.

And then....
...Mother and I wrapped up in the finished quilt.  My motto is a newly finished quilt should immediately be wrapped around someone!

Have you made a memory quilt or a t-shirt quilt? 
It was an honor to make this one.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you have a blessed day.

Happy Living! Happy Quilting!